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Curated by Gesine Janzen and Robert Royhl

Celebrating 40 years of showcasing art in all mediums, Livingston’s Danforth Gallery will open the fourth art walk show of the season on Friday, September 26th from 5:30-8:30pm. The exhibition is the final show in a series of four 40th anniversary exhibitions that have been guest curated by “Legacy Artists,” – those who were active at the Danforth in earlier years and have gone on to recognized professional careers. This exhibition, titled Point Counterpoint has been curated by Legacy Artist’s Gesine (Ga-ZEEN-a) Janzen and Robert Royhl. The show will feature work by Christa Carleton, EJ Engler, April Marie Hale, Jeremy Hatch, Jenny Hatchadorian, Richard Nelson, Alexis Pike, Jay Schmidt and Kathryn W. Schmidt. The Point Counterpoint exhibition runs through October 18th and has been graciously sponsored by Crown Creations Cabinetmakers and Nittany Grantworks.
(Image by Kathryn W. Schmidt)